silent siren. adn156lp

silent siren. 12", cd

ad noiseam. adn156lp

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somebody will need to come up with a genre name for underhill's 'silent siren'. with music written by dean rodell, balkansky / cooh and current value and vocals by martina astner and mc coppa, this album is as coherent as its line-up is improbable. trip-hop, drum'n'bass, gothic atmospheres and hip hop: all these elements are molten into each other with great care, creating an impressive work which is far more than the sum of its parts. try it at home, then try it on a huge p.a.: underhill's 'silent siren' is a multi-faceted creation which just invites its listener to dive deeper. vinyl lp version + full-length cd.


1 blind
2 hiding the light
3 trippin
4 my shadow
5 the miss
6 black sun butterfly
7 civil lies
8 law enforcement
9 silent siren
10 creator
11 rivers of hades
12 solace