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upon the circulation of his first short story collection, altmann’s tongue (knopf, 1994), author and professor brian evenson found himself out of favor with his spiritual home ground, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints - the mormon church. since that time, evenson’s incisive, acerbic writing about the medieval brutality of contemporary humanity has gone on to garner significant praise, and not a few distinctions. the creation of altmann’s tongue - which features brian evenson reading selections from several books through a sonic fabric created by xingu hill and tamarin - proved to be similarly cataclysmic, although of markedly different scale. on the surface, altmann’s tongue appears to be a simple spoken word project backed by experimental sound design and post-industrial ambience of a distinctly harrowing nature. however, brian evenson’s readings, recorded in an impromptu fashion in a sparse white apartment, begat an intensity of emotion that compelled xingu hill and tamarin to work for over three years on musical reactions that could equal the sentiment of evenson’s recordings. musical reactions, ranging from morose synth rhythms to enigmatic drones. evenson’s verbal recordings and the music feed upon themselves like the ouroboros, like the snake which grows by eating itself. ant-zen is proud to present altmann’s tongue as a unique, compelling collaboration between a thought-provoking author and two exceptional sound experimentalists. packaging: jewelcase w/ 16p booklet (special paper).


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