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with 'transit' matthias erhard and bernhard korth have manged to illustrate the sentiment of a virtual departure. a departure which can be interpreted as a bridge leading from the deep space explorations of 'probe' to an upcoming, unheard aural reconnaissance. the seven spacious and enduring tracks deftly merge warm melodies, varied rhythms and well placed field recordings into a luscious liquid bath. dreamlike layered synth tones underlaid with hypnotic sequences and pattering beats bring a cinematic atmosphere into being with a relaxed and slightly melancholic mood. with each note zero degree demonstrate their ability to combine technical skills with the sheer delight of creating music. their accomplished wave of subtly inserted electronics will easily mesmerize you - a very beautiful and comforting album which you can really lose yourself in.


1 alone
2 until the ocean takes us
3 stardust
4 transit
5 halcyon
6 quasar 2940
7 the day we left everything behind