s/t. md193

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n5md. md193

the debut self-titled album from swedish duo eleventhfloorrecords effortlessly projects an external shimmer while retaining an emotional warmth. this juxtaposition often yields some very special moments of wide-screen bliss. while eleventhfloorrecords undeniably tread similar ground to artists such as m83, maps or jatun the duo tend to approach it in a way that allows a clearer and more concise use of guitar that are cleverly combined with chillwave style synthlines. there is an even stronger link to that fraternity of synth heavy shoegaze by way of jatun main man scott worley's work behind the mixing desk.


1 my ultimate friend
2 five days
3 child
4 a couple of bus stops away
5 halfway
6 october wastelands
7 jassafraine
8 out into the sun
9 surrounded
10 daylight ends
11 whaleborg
12 stellar
13 epilogue