filthy pleasures. mtr009cd

charly linch
filthy pleasures. cd

mindtrick records. mtr009cd

mindtrick records proudly presents the new album by holland's favourite 'core' artist charly linch. after two previous releases on the label he is now ready to drop his full length. on filthy pleasures charly linch combines the fierce sound of uk-hardcore with the harder elements of drum 'n bass and gives it his truly unique spin. he doesn't shy away from using old-school rave samples and ridiculously filtered gabba-kicks, without it becoming comical or clichéd. on this album he found the perfect balance between creating an album that is banging on the dance floor, yet intriguing enough to be listened to in the comfort of your own home. this releases offers a wide range of genre's for those seeking out where harder music is going, …it could do with some more cowbell!


1 choke
2 filth
3 black pussy
4 down
5 lost and found
6 everybody
7 puttin` back the cock in dnb
8 pump up the sound
9 flames