nightmare concert. mtr007cd

the eerier child
nightmare concert. cd

mindtrick records. mtr007cd

the long awaited debut album of the eerier child is finally there. you may have heard his 'dubstep' related tracks on mindtrick and redrum recordz on 12'' before, but the time has now come to experience his first full length album entitled 'nightmare concert'. the album has its own distinguished sound and style that could loosely be described as 'a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist'. it uses hip-hop and dubstep related influences, but the eerier child just uses these minor elements to create more tension and flow to his tracks. to really experience the eerie and horroresque vibe caught on this album we dare you to 'put on your headphones and get in a 40 minute trip'. the 13 track cd comes in a limited edition package including: a full colour movie poster and a special cd display.


1 black cat
2 last cannibal world
3 dawn
4 castle freak
5 versus
6 2 evil eyes
7 nightmare concert
8 dark city
9 tenebre
10 body parts
11 thir13en ghosts
12 house of the clocks
13 the descent