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dazzling malicious has always been open for collaborations, but the fourth album sees the addition of a steady new band member, female vocalist pola argentum, marcus’ new partner in (not only) crime. this addition to the lineup also heavily affects the musical output: dazzling malicious moves away from what was roughly rhythmic noise industrial into a dark and absurd territory of it’s own. the epic 11 minute opener 'the light and the twin flame' is something like a guide post to the new face of dazzling malicious: psychedelic background sounds, queer and fragile rhythm structures, scraping noises, nightmarish choirs and pola’s outerworldly vocals – you can clearly pin down a reference to the legendary nurse with wound (for whom pola argentum has already performed live vocals, by the way). this experimental approach constitutes the backbone of '…is like so', to be rediscovered and diversified in 'tiny sheep cloud', 'not perfect', 'don’t love me' and the closing title 'strange ways', leading the album to a grand finale. inbetween, some retrospection of the more rhythmic industrial sound is to be found in 'self mutilating behaviour' with it’s german vocal samplings, 'fuck nwo' (a shorter version of which can be found on the 2011 maschinenfest sampler), 'whore hound' and 'vodka skill', even though in all of those tracks marcus manages to drown the rhythmic build-up gloriously in a maelstrom of most peculiar sounds. the centrepiece of the album is another 11 minute monster, 'i wish i was a tree', featuring the lyrics and vocals of sickdoll, a known figure in the german minimal electro scene. this piece changes it’s pace more often than i can count, resulting in a ranting proclamation of doom, driven by an almost martial marching beat. the resume of all this can only be: dazzling malicious has gained new strength with the addition of pola argentum, the project has found a discrete, sometimes abstract musical language that is well recommended to discover.


1 the light and the twin flame
2 self mutilating behaviour (passion with aggression)
3 tiny sheepy cloud
4 not perfect
5 i wish i was a tree (feat. sickdoll)
6 don't love me
7 fuck nwo
8 whore hound
9 vodka-skill
10 strange ways