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monolith: conceptual solo-project of the belgian electronic music veteran and producer eric van wonterghem, renown for his elaborate electronic music arrangements which speak to both body and mind, he soon got attention by his disco buddha clubhit, his seventh upcoming cd release 'the inner core' on sleepless records berlin planned on 3 september 2011, will contain 12 new tracks which will take you to an exciting weird journey through electronic and industrial landscapes, each time incorporating new exotic elements. including stunning remixes from geistform, lustmord, esplendor geometrico, mercydesign and synapscape! a strongly recommended and uplifting sonic experience.


1 lost planet
2 the healer
3 molten iron
4 intrusion
5 the inner core
6 the curse
7 mythos
8 radiance
9 terrordisco
10 the sky become dark
11 innergy
12 dance macabre
13 lost planet - geistform remix
14 radiance - esplendor geometrico remix
15 the curse - mercydesign remix
16 terrordisco - synapscape remix
17 the sky become dub - lustmord remix