v.a. - schlagstrom! vol.6. srb awake009

v.a. - schlagstrom! vol.6. cd

sleepless records berlin. srb awake009

every year the international schlagstrom! festival in berlin presents a weekend full of experimental, harsh noise, power electronics, noise, industrial and rhythmic chaos and present the finest newcomers and headliners for this scene. in 2011 they try to capture the festival atmosphere again on a exclusive cd with almost every live act on, and only unreleased and exclusive tracks as a memory for the great guests or for people who coudn't make it to the event. play it loud!!!!! feat. 100blumen, asche, mono-amine, mandelbrot, monolith, morbus m, kirdec, heimstatt yipotash, faust, and many more!


1 the industrial tower red sniper
2 pandora penetration-v1 asche
3 disappointed at all capsular
4 blind bend morbus m
5 citizen file 642 solar skeletons
6 dread breathless remix sandblasting
7 je ne volerai plus la nature-abū al-alā al-maarrī- extrait kirdec
8 babylon tardive dyskinesia
9 snake monolith
10 kryophaze mas 13th monkey
11 the dirt 100blumen
12 distress objekt/urian
13 mantracore-schlagstrommix mono-amine
14 autofocus-complete wake heimstatt yipotash
15 crash faust
16 dream landscape anemone tube
17 rotheim mandelbrot