sound of hell. adn144lp

sound of hell. 12", cd

ad noiseam. adn144lp

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wormskull is an all star band formed by bong-ra, deformer, balazs pandi and eni-less. but it's also a full frontal sonic assault that taps from years of experience in the metal and electronic scenes to come up with a high-energy, moshpit-packing devil of an album. don't believe what you were told: it's not a team of soviet scientists who recorded the sounds of hell, but a quartet of angry, experienced musicians who love their metal dark, their beats punishing, and their atmospheres abysmal. heavy riffs, complex drumming, electronic arrangements that have their roots in bong-ra's breakcore: wormskull is nothing for the weak of heart. vinyl version of adn144cd - comes with a copy of the entire album on cd.


1 intro
2 wormskull
3 deadlocks
4 nosebleed
5 woody strode
6 ori ede
7 stereokillah
8 deformer style
9 do it!
10 downer
11 corpsefucker