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since their debut album, tim kniep and philipp m√ľnch have consistently impressed world wide audiences both on stage and with a wide number of high-octane releases combining distinctive vocal treatments, experimental electronics and rhythmic industrial with a touch of the unexpected - executing their own blend of both pounding beats and complexity. synapscape's layers of sound reveal themselves in a number of different ways on repeated listens, often with unforeseen results and this mixture of the basic and the detailed has been a constant characteristic on this project's work from day one. on previous albums they mixed in complex idm flavors and technoid beat structures in order to create new points of interest - 'traits' continues this fusion of harshness and subtlety in a most brilliant way. the album takes the listener into a varied world of rhythmic textures ranging from the complex to straight energetic beat blasts accompanied by a multitude of synth treatments. the moods range from claustrophobic and ice-cold up to a peak of fiery fierce aggression, intensified by tim's versatile use of vocals. influenced by straight upbeat rhythm-based industrial, electro-clash, intelligent dance music and dark ambient, synapscape always maintain their own authentic style - from the cold ambience of 'conditio sine qua non' and 'hiller' to the pounding bass sequences and disturbing high frequencies of 'slowdive' and 'deerstalker', from the crystal clear sequences confronted with distorted beats on 'host' to the fevered singing and sulphurous body sequences on 'authority's my son'. the journey that started 16 years before now, once again finds a remarkable and unique way of continuing on. listen well, and forgive us for worshipping the intellectual mind!


1 host
2 fate decoders on your head
3 first came the floods
4 slowdive
5 downfall
6 deerstalker
7 authority's my son
8 conditio sine qua non
9 commute
10 revolving horse
11 berlin
12 snapcase
13 hiller
14 rise