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to celebrate asche's correspondent u.s. tour, ant-zen and industry 8 present stonebrain - five new and unreleased tracks by the german industrial mastermind plus amendatory remixes by theologian, hydrone, nin kuji and iszoloscope. the listener can detect sound elements of prequel asche releases: distorted syncopation, well-placed insertion of cinematic samples and gloomy atmospheric complex tones. in addition, appended elements of the darker and more enigmatic side of asche should be emphasized. soundscapes ranging from classic power noise industrial up to the imminence of aphex twin's early works fused with the rhythmic assaults asche is known for. the additional four remixes go with the first tracks so perfectly a blindfold tester would never recognize them as such. a stunning release, assured to stimulate mind and body.


1 confusion (version)
2 last words (version)
3 home crisis
4 steam room (count suckers reprise) (version)
5 queer angel (version)
6 distorted doom (rmx by theologian)
7 last words (rmx by hydrone)
8 queer angel (rmx by nin kuji)
9 dogday sunrise (rmx by iszoloscope)