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an artist has 10 to 20 years to make his first album and one year for the second one. if a debut is accepted by listeners and reviewers then it has an effect on the artist's future work. expectations aren't easy to ignore and there are only a few musicians who won't be influenced by these reactions. there are three directions an artist can pursue with a follow-up: walk the same path as they did on the first record, change the style radically or use the fundamentals of the debut as a basis for exploration into new spheres. stephen sawyer a.k.a. l'ombre has chosen the third direction. the mixture of electronic and acoustic sources that lead into mellow, floating soundscapes is sawyer's trademark. that trademark is present on this new record, but it is not a re-hash of older ideas. the first surprising change on “simulations 1.0” is the mood of the ten tracks; the temperature seems to have risen a bit – especially when the release is compared to the icy and colder atmosphere of 'medicine...'. just listen to the piano on 'nowhere' and then to the floating vibraphone on 'interlocution' to feel the difference. in addition l'ombre has also strengthened his rhythms. the pulsating patterns/slight breakbeats intensify the soundscapes and melodies - in short, they complete them. 'facsimile' and 'these whispers' are examples of this unique blend - if you removed the rhythm then the fragile tissue would fall apart. perhaps, this music is no longer suitable for watching the northern lights but if you listen to this record late at night, you might see previously unseen stars in the clear black sky. once again, the description of “an imagined soundtrack” fits perfectly. this cd comes in special paper packaging with embossing.


1 trompe-l'oeil
2 interlocution
3 living in memory
4 off course
5 urban estate
6 reality loop
7 far from being
8 facsimile
9 synthetic affection
10 these whispers