the soul consumer. adn136

black lung
the soul consumer. cd

ad noiseam. adn136

stepping out of australia's outback with a vengeance, black lung adds a bloody new chapter to his towering discography. a composer whose talent is rivalled only by his uncommon production techniques, david thrussell applies a whole new recipe to his beats, noises and glitches on 'the soul consumer' (and the accompanying 'the first tender cut' 12''). darkly playful, twistedly uplifting, noisily organic, this album is a ride as wild as the sessions that saw its inception.


1 symphony for the damned
2 the first tender cut
3 the soul consumer
4 sapphic trysts and burnt lips
5 mr love teeth
6 nights spent dreaming of the slab
7 the brazen cellar stomp
8 succulent bruises and bruised roses
9 curdled on waxen floors
10 if the soul resides in the flesh
11 moontide and muzak
12 sauteed outre members
13 the ebullient memorial
14 mr love teeth (afterlife remix by monster x)