blood will tell. bc07

ah cama-sotz
blood will tell. cd

bats & cats. bc07

hidden inside a gorgeously designed black and red cover lies a book with stories, told by the master of creepy bedtime narrations: ah cama-sotz. like other ah cama-sotz' albums 'blood will tell' is a narrative album covering the orient, the middle-east, the unknown and the unspoken. eleven tracks ranging from dark ambient soundscapes to pounding dance floor fillers. and still the master succeeds in covering all those different styles in between without breaking the continuous drive he is so famous for. cardboard foldout sleeve with embossed red metallic foil print. silver metallic cardboard inner sleeve with embossed acs logo.


1 babylon
2 prepare for the final awakening (okk-ulth vs acs)
3 narayana
4 into the realm of death (death and infernal thirst vs acs)
5 saloméh
6 alien: the final sequel (part three)
7 frozen land
8 diabolus in musica
9 bādiyat ash-shām
10 shakrah
11 your darkest soul (fed by flintology)