the dissolving satellite of egoism overturned. ¥786

the dissolving satellite of egoism overturned. cd, mp3 album

hymen records. ¥786

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this cd, also dubbed 'the nude acoustic verandah sessions', is a long overdue collection of tunes that the group, led by the equally charismatic and enigmatic australian david thrussell, has recorded by fireside, babbling brook or cold bunker wall. celebrated on the dancefloor or in the private booth, snog now reveal the organic heart that beats deep beneath their world weary exterior. remastered with love and care from the original tapes, assembled after hours spent exploring in the vaults, here is a snog you might never have thought existed - ragged yet sincere, angry yet tender and heartfelt. apocalyptic hillbillies who somehow got lost in an industrial rave - snog have now come home - and it’s a revelation. these rare archival recordings document the touching, warm and rather unknown aspects of a group most often noted for their dark, anarchic electronic music. not that it’s love for acoustic tunes had not yet been revealed: it had started as early as 1997 with a lee hazlewood cover version and surfaced big time on the 2003 album 'beyond the valley of the proles' which featured acoustic instrumentation all over. ever since it has been an integral part of all releases, with acoustic tunes and remixes appearing as bonus tracks, b-sides or compilation tracks. now for the first time they are all conveniently repackaged on one album and of course enriched with unreleased material to equally please the snogheads and the crowd that might otherwise prefer the wonderful and obscure dolly parton, waylon jennings, porter wagoner or anita carter releases on thrussell’s omni label. snog shows through this crossover release that it has always been about musicianship and finely crafted songwriting rather than knob-twiddling, and the wit in thrussell’s dystopian lyrics is a well-known feature that puts the icing on this tasty cake.


1 rotten meat
2 king of hate
3 lee harvey oswald
4 thou shalt not kill
5 child
6 karma song
7 planet of shit
8 city
9 the ballad of timothy mcveigh
10 real estate man
11 whateverman
12 no more shit
13 the ballad
14 one grain of sand
15 the bells and the whistles
16 the last days of rome
17 al-qaeda is your best friend
18 the fascist lockdown
19 stomp song
20 hooray!!
21 untitled
22 untitled
23 untitled