from arcs to embers. md178

from arcs to embers. cd

n5md. md178

this latest release from mike cadoo's bitcrush project is a specially curated remix album comprised of re-workings of songs taken from all 5 of his albums as bitcrush. bersarin quartett, funckarma, jatun, near the parenthesis, port-royal, stripmall architecture (halou), subtractivelad, vanessa van basten, winterlight, and worm is green all re-imagine songs from the bitcrush catalog. from arcs to embers is a remarkably fresh re-envisioning of the bitcrush sound making it great for fans of his or any of the remixers' work.


1 post (nichts ist wie vorher
2 bersarin quartett rmx)
3 untilted (worm is green remix)
4 every sunday (winterlight remix)
5 bitcrush in dub (by stripmall architecture)
6 colder (funckarma rmx)
7 waiting for something (jatun remix)
8 an island a penninsula (mix by vanessa van basten)
9 the days we spent within (near the parenthesis remix)
10 of embers (port-royal remix)
11 of days (widescreen mix by subtractivelad)