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once again, you can hear klangstabil's uniqueness on this long awaited release. the musical variety of this record ranges from pop-oriented synth-tunes (“gloomy day” - a different version appeared on the 'daruma' compilation) done over distorted electro-beats to soundtrackish infernos. in addition, the album also explores grindcore (if you are familiar with the klangstabil/schmerzverstärker split-7" you won't be surprised about that). however, mentioning musical genres leads the open-minded listener down the wrong path. a brief description of the music's intensity is hard to give. reading the lyrics and listening to the haunting vocals is as uncomparable - as is labelling 'gloomy day' 'synthpop'. on this album, the message counts, which is the total of music, vocals, production and lyrics. this is an album which forces you to listen intensely, and it is one of the most personal and emotional records ant-zen has ever released.


1 you may start
2 between
3 gloomy day (album version). a difference that´s for all to see
4 away
5 push yourself
6 reason to live
7 kill all lifeforms