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42 times around the sun, not normally a time span associated with the completion of a lifecycle, but this album feels a lot like it. this is the sixth full-length in six years, and it really is a musical stroll through the styles and contents trg have explored so far, with a strong emphasis on progress and refinement. what once started with a very retro sound has now got a lot of modern aspects sonically. also it seems no coincidence the sun is mentioned in the album title - not much gloominess to be found here, positivity is the word. philipp münch has invited some well-known friends to join him on vocals while his own style of singing has also progressed with the vocals barely untreated, working just fine with his probably most interesting and diverse lyrics so far. 42 times around the sun starts with the uptempo ‘automatic’, something trg hasn’t done in a while. more in the classic trg vein with the more familiar melodies are ‘broken’ and ‘unusual romance’, the latter being a heart-felt declaration of love by the charging cable to its connected mobile (!), and yes, it does remind somehow of the b 52's. ‘some reasons to call this time the hate-ies’ is not only a clever reference to the morrissey quote, not only a punch into the face of the narrow-minded nostalgist, but also a wonderful party track. dirk ivens delivers unmistakable backing vocals on ‘living in a cage’ while genevieve pasquier does so on the anti-paparazzi track ‘how to become invisible’. ‘(in search) of the amber room’ is a detroit-tinged electro smash with the immortal line 'what has gone lost must be found, underwater, in the ground.' other standout tracks are the devo-style ‘micro machines’, a duet with synapscape partner tim, and the wonderful ‘red light’, a track in timeless pop tradition, and maybe the ultimate earworm trg have created so far, featuring background lyrics by scott milton of american newcomer act the present moment. the latter also performs the entire vocals of ‘rejection’, a spine-tingling trance-infused ballad that makes way for the closing title, a very upbeat remix by memmaker. 42 times around the sun is nothing less than a classic pop album, tightly produced and with a coherent mood, yet enough diversity in sound and content, and it displays the enormous musical talent of philipp at new heights.


1 automatic
2 broken
3 some reasons to call this time the hate-ies
4 (in search of) the amber room
5 the red light
6 unusual romance
7 how to become invisible
8 the law of the wolves
9 micro machines
10 living in a cage
11 feeling low
12 rejection
13 all my friends turned into plastic (we're sent back to 1989 remix by memmaker)