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ultra milkmaids
medecine. 12", mp3 album

ant-zen. act238

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ultra milkmaids (or the milkies, as they are fondly called by some of their fans) celebrate their 15th sound carrier anniversary on white vinyl (and in digital format to those who have made it successfully into the digital age). always unpredictable and surprising, the french project strikes forward with a brand new path here - or possibly a path that leads like a circle back to their long deleted 'borray' release? with 'medecine' the milkies return to their roots and their first musical affection: abstract and ambient music, and this album marks a perfect bridging between both of these electronic subgenres. starting with elixir's beautiful melancholic string arrangements, the listener's journey continues with clicks and cuts blending with slow, majestic piano tunes and post-psychedelic sound walls (this is time). let yourself flow with a little help of a little injection (n°1) of soothing guitar drones, dive deeply into dc hammond's keyboard layers - discrete and melodic at the same time. follow the path of the reverberated guitar pads on cotton energy, and before getting lost, the drones reappear, surrounded with ruminant synth lines. this second injection provides the opportunity to end this journey, or to flip the record and start again. this record can be used as an analeptic and sedative at the same time. open up, let yourself go, and - as the artists advise: 'disconnect your mind and fall into the world of the milkmaids'!


1 elixir
2 this is time
3 injection n°1
4 dc hammond
5 cotton energy
6 injection n°2