operation tough guy!. act134

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ant-zen. act134

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hypnoskull's fourth album in a row on ant-zen, 'operation tough guy [ready to scream, ready to die!]' is again a hard clash between new influences of several contemporary dance styles and the hard side of underground industrial electronics. the project continues with the aim to create a new form of dance music without a compromise, controversial as hell and to-the-point. hypnoskull tracks are like dark, scary movies full of urban tragedy and fast beats; they represent a life on the fast track. that is probably why urban scenes all over the world incorporate this unique sound in their daily sceneries. live sets are remarkable: unstoppable rhythm-machines like bulldozers over your head. virtual fights and continuously repeating samples and loops create a scary, wild atmosphere. the atmosphere nobody wants to feel in reality - but what is reality anyway? a vicious game of putting things in a row, in a scene. confront yourself with the harsh reality of everyday life and get the perfect soundtrack to it.


1 and here i stay
2 operation tough guy (reprise)
3 technothrill
4 d.e.a.d. track 2002
5 on & on!
6 biotech brainkillers (deconstructed)
7 operation tough guy
8 stainless steel stereo equipped animals
9 ready to scream-ready to die!
10 schaltlabor zentral
11 no man-you're not right man
12 we know it all - we know all
13 rock & roll into your electronic
14 the deleted scans of hidden territories
15 what we are what we do
16 dirtfunk slam
17 everything is operationable
18 prophecies of the hidden agenda
19 one thousand 979 tales of the dark city
20 operation tough guy-but we'll be back.