handle with care. umb009

genevieve pasquier
handle with care. boxset, cd-ep

umb kollektif. umb009

after the album 'le cabaret moi' geneviéve pasquier presents this 7-track ep on her own label umb kollektif. 'handle with care' is a 40-minute journey through geneviéve's thoughts and feelings. right from the beginning she shows her ability to cross the borders between soft and severe, between hypnotic and ecstatic. geneviéve and dan courtman present a mixture of post-industrial electronics and 80s-minimal-electro ranging from hypnotic ambience to hard driving rhythmic dance tunes, dominated by g. pasquier's breathy, wailing, militant and charismatic voice. this record comes in a beautiful tiny handcrafted package in madame pasquier's favorite colours, limited to 500 copies - handle with care!


1 electric foreplay
2 handle with care
3 past
4 dead man
5 faute
6 colourful grey
7 emméne moi