winds of the dead air. sop015

cape fear
winds of the dead air. 12"

sound on probation. sop015

in 1997, laurent perrier puts an end to the nox experience, one of the major bands of the french industrial rock scene, to launch a new solo project, cape fear, with which he delivers a first album (drift towards the heat) combining breakbeat, sampling and metal guitars. twelve years later, cape fear is back with a second album, winds of the dead air. five long titles, dark and strangely hypnotic, where guitars and metal riffs literally crash on a groovy bass/drum rythmic line. the sequencers and the unique sound of the moog synthesizer give to this record some kind of a ambient 70's flavor while the quality and intensity of the compositions will remind the listener of chrome, king crimson, neurosis and this heat. limited 300 copies.


1 ghosts
2 crack of dawn
3 haunted
4 wild palms
5 hope