this means forever. vf022cd

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this means forever. cd

very friendly. vf022cd

this means forever' is as playful as it is serious. dtl's hardcore italo-killy sound nods to breaks from the days of rave, with timeless time stretches, freestyle squirts, and vocal sweeps sung by himself and guest ghetto-tech mc, minty. spending the majority of his childhood spinning classic jungle artists like the house crew, congo, and dj hype, and lead singing in punk bands, it was inevitable that he would one day combine the two hyper styles of music. dtl's snares freeze in empty spaces while growling basslines, trumpets, cellos and guitars swoon through epic cut and paste archives of sound. with elements of your older brother's hardcore punk, vocals shout like fugazi and flirt like frank sinatra. dtl continues to rise in the underground electronic music scene. with a slew of eps and tracks already released on labels like tb6, ambush, peace off, broklyn beats out before this long awaited debut, he has already blown the minds of crowds worldwide alongside pioneer artists like, dj scud, aphasic, doormouse, kid606, and even dizzee rascal's us debut performance in nyc. 'this means forever' is only the beginning for this young talent, but it will definitely set a path out.


1 shaken
2 press charges
3 glassy eyes
4 do it
5 rocker party
6 amrcrd gold
7 soundboy
8 releaser returns
9 i got you now
10 never nah
11 hushhushdance
12 rad girl killy
13 you can't stop
14 dubbio
15 topolino
16 driveaway hiders
17 tivoli clinic-10-28-00