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recorded over 2008/2009 in melbourne, berlin and prague, snog’s 'last of the great romantics' is truly a landmark album. like radiohead’s 'ok computer' and pink floyd’s 'wish you were here' (to both of which it has already been compared) 'last of the great romantics' sees a beloved band at their conceptual and creative peak. from the blazing space-rock-ballad of opening track 'we’re all in this together' to the languid moog-boogie of 'the end of the world' to the disco-metal pyrotechnics of 'wargasm' snog forge their own path and their own sound, bold, uncompromising and just a little bent. recorded entirely in analogue facilities using a vast collection of vintage studio equipment with special guests including john justin stewart (grace jones), neil boyack (angler), the city of prague philharmonic choir and produced by the calculators (the faint, schneider tm) 'last of the great romantics' is a lush, sincere masterpiece. packaging: deluxe 4panel gatefold-sleeve in matt cardboard & 16page booklet.


1 we’re all in this together
2 the end of the world
3 wargasm
4 sleepwalk
5 big black hole
6 this world (done me wrong)
7 cosmic caveman
8 a man
9 the fires
10 the prisoner song
11 sing your troubles away