nothing lasts. ta035

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nothing lasts. cd

tympanik audio. ta035

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a fully-realized composition of rich, haunting atmospheres that swirl amongst a torrent of cinematic and classical elements. heart-wrenching melodies, epic piano movements, and stunning distorted beatwork combine to create an unforgettable jaunt of massive electronic persuasion. think imminent meets loss with a hint of stendeck. broken and beautiful electronic mayhem.


1 hic finis fandi
2 clear green
3 the downfall of beliefs
4 your the least of my concerns
5 vixerunt
6 born with bruises
7 a subtle truth ( my paradise)
8 the feeling's vile
9 nomen est omen
10 i trusted every word you spoke
11 a white heat that scours rational thought
12 lucid dreaming
13 resentment
14 deceitful snares
15 moortgat
16 sand