return to childhood. ta033

return to childhood. cd

tympanik audio. ta033

poland’s elusive talent undermathic emerges for his debut on tympanik audio titled ‘return to childhood‘. within his blanket of obscurity, undermathic makes his mark with an album of massive distinction and undeniable grace. an unapologetic collage of surging rhythms, delicate piano compositions, and true sonic purity, ‘return to childhood’ will undoubtedly captivate your mind and seize all of your bodily senses. we dare to say, it’s orgasmic. somewhere between the urgent complexity of ginormous and the beautiful, thick atmospheres of lusine icl lies undermathic, ready to acquit the listener of any preconceived notions and instead launches into a sonic-laced epicentre of electronic sound. saturated in beauty, organic rhythms, and a virtual tide of sophistication, ‘return to childhood’ easily stands on its own ground offering an immense album full of life and vision that transcends genres and ultimately arrives as a genuine preview of the future of intelligent electronic music. available on 6-panel digipak with stunning artwork by salt.


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