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tonal y nagual
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la sierra mecánica marks a turning point in the creative process of tonal y nagual. their journey started in a barren, long forgotten desert but after five years of wandering they reach the premises of something called intelligent pop, strangely captivating tunes saturated with rare emotional roughness comparable to acts like geneviéve pasquier and the newer works of portishead. their third album starts with bluesy electronics and the remarkable 'anybody', a wonderful hymn reminding of interpol. they keep this level quickly pulling you into their world of hypnotic rhythms and singularly lamenting harmonies climaxing into desperate beauty in 'grave', especially when the guest vocals of geneviéve pasquier set in; after that there is a subtle turning point and everything gets rougher, dirtier, leading to pulsing beats shredding through the outskirts of the cities banging on the walls of urban ignorance. this culminates in the brilliant 'cog in the machine', an ultimative industrial noise clubhit to come. two remixes from the telektroponks 'die perlen' and 'zero degree' complete this ingenious album. tonal y nagual stand at the edge of the universe and sing for you.


1 the hidden oasis outro
2 whiteman got no riddim
3 anybody
4 honey
5 mister cranky tree
6 lux cypher
7 grave (feat. genevieve pasquier)
8 get out of our way
9 the loneliest place
10 dirty maiden
11 tribes of the night
12 der bergkönig
13 cog in the machine
14 the real outro
15 proud to be (reimagined by die perlen)
16 kaputt maschine (by zero degree)