v.a. - maschinenfest 09. pflicht43

v.a. - maschinenfest 09. 2cd

pflichtkauf. pflicht43

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featuring tracks from almost all performing bands of the maschinenfest 2008 (mostly exclusive). feat. nin kuji, last days of s.e.x., sudden infant, broken note, contaminant, gjöll, heimstatt yipotash, hecq, this morn' omina, alarmen, mono-amine, greyhound, the teknoist, brighter death now, geneviéve pasquier, pow[d]er pussy, 100blumen, synapscape, feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim, angina p, dazzling malicious, dj hidden, tzolk´in and s.k.e.t.. gatefold sleeve packaging.


1 traditions keeper nin kuji
2 amphisonic hypers.e.x.ual mayhem last days of s.e.x.
3 tandoori chicken scooter III sudden infant
4 war in the making-remix by niveau zero broken note
5 copykill contaminant
6 derívé gjöll w/ cut-throat mind
7 suburban night motif heimstatt yipotash
8 steeltongued-hecq remix hecq
9 harridan this morn' omina
10 wenn schon dann aber richtig-bitstream version alarmen
11 taking the control away mono-amine
12 gendesign greyhound
1 this skull of mine-hurts like fuck the teknoist
2 hunger for love-remixed brighter death now vs. grammal seizure
3 touch it like a dick genevieve pasquier
4 reactiv8theindustry pow[d]er pussy
5 there is no power without violence 100blumen
6 maldito insomnio synapscape
7 i am a cannibal feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim
8 clarity angina p
9 dancing elephant dazzling malicious
10 threethreethree dj hidden
11 xipe-totec-mf edition tzolk'in
12 move on!-reform future mix s.k.e.t.