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the cd-title leaves little to the imagination. 11 tracks pounding aggressively yet subtly against you skull. us pussies had a lot of fun while brewing up this cocktail of explosive rhythyms, gentle synth-work and delicate sampling. we set out with a clear mission to make you move physically and mentally, stopping once or twice to allow you to breathe. 9 lives you say? well be sure that this one will not go unnoticed. claws and fangs ready and our mood set to 'devour' there are no more nice kittens here only ferocious felines! we're coming for you. ::meow::. digipak packaging.


1 allsystemsgo
2 sonovkalashnikovguns
3 allnightfu(n)(c)kingĀ£
4 wewereneverhere
5 keepthatbasspumpinghard
6 rant(hallelujah)
7 5am
8 20dollars
9 fatface
10 (acid)therapy
11 ultrav