down with the system, long live the system!. act243

down with the system, long live the system!. cd

ant-zen. act243

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100blumen's third album on ant-zen is a very comprehensive and elaborate one that displays a perfect merging of powerful rhythmic floral industrial and haunting technoid ambience. throbbing dance sledge hammers like 'the unrest', 'the anger' and the electro anarchic power noise anthem 'unbreakable' prove that this artist is one of the leading present day industrial masters. another facet of 100blumen's mastery can be experienced on atmospheric tracks like 'tired green' where hypnotic repetitive patterns and puissant sub-bass create a continuous hypnotic flow. the album's conclusion, 'klimaveränderung' combines m.nickels' punk roots with hammering e-beats and electroacoustic sound collages - an amazing collaboration with guitarist c.tiegelkamp and marching dynamics' shane talada. this is another step of the one man army 100blumen's plan to destroy all flower haters with the burning beats of anarchy... and after that, he will have a drink. eat the rich or die trying!


1 introduction
2 the unrest
3 a bullet
4 no good
5 silence in times of rage and suffer
6 tired green
7 crash
8 the anger
9 unbreakable
10 destroy everything you hate
11 klimaveränderung