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after the pulsating soundscapes of the concept album 'episodes' and the electro-acoustic 'first chapter in an electronic opera for ultratonical machines' named 'mémoires paramoléculaire'; between hugo girard's legendary live appearance at the 'mutek' festival in montreal/canada and the 'maschinenfest 02' in aachen/germany, ant-zen presents this nicely designed tourne-disque in two different formats. 'le tourne-disque' is more beat oriented which fits perfectly to vromb's live sets, but it will come as no surprise to those who own vromb's earlier works. girard's music contains minimal electro rhythmic explorations beyond cold atmospheric soundscapes. there are also manipulated voices on this record-hugo girard implements the spoken words of his infant relatives frédérique and philippe. an excellent addition to the previous vromb releases and it is limited - so don't miss it...!


1 le jouet électrique
2 audio-téléphonisme
3 episoscopie (histoire de camion)