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on their third full length album this icelandic project continues its ideological struggle against men's arrogance and pretend predominance. wrathful but never nihilistic, gjölls lyrics appeal to those who still keep an open mind, a large amount of hope, and the ability to separate right from wrong. musically, jóhann eiríksson and sigurður harðarson have expanded their previous album’s harsh eruptions into powerful ambient noise hymns that are combined with a kind of post-krautrock feel. sum of transformations contrasts analogue guitar strokes with the digital iciness of dark and disturbing soundscapes. an outstanding release, both calming and intensely enraged at the same time. not to be taken lightly.


1 natural anarchy
2 abandon all hope
3 the only true philosophical problem
4 tucking in for the collapse
5 dérive w/cut-throat mind
6 unity with the earthworms
7 at the hanging of the last of the career politicians