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john valasis is a professional sound designer and a very talented young musician from greece. although he has been working as a producer and a mixing engineer for other artists for quite a few years while also composing his own music, this is the first time that john officially releases a part of his recent work under the moniker 'poordream'. his aim is to decode the secret messages of a dreamy world by composing melancholic melodies and intricate, uncanny sounds, all put together within a masterly combination of elaborate programming and field recordings. immaterial monarch is his own adaptation of a truly exceptional experimental music conception, the absolute experience of an internal trip, in which no ‘strict’ sound forms belong. drawing influences mainly from the 'zeitgeist' movie series, 'immaterial monarch' features 3 tracks by poordream, which carefully blend genres such as idm, ambient, electronica and experimental world music, as well as the same-titled track remixed by no less than 7 different artists! since all participating musicians come from a different musical background, although they share common thoughts on how to deliver passionate and exciting music, this album proves to be an absolutely unique journey towards human’s deepest feelings. anger, despair, social and personal breakdown, man’s self-exploration, brain as the slave of the strong and socially constructed loneliness portrayed as the mental cage for every single human are only a few of those nighttime thoughts that, carefully but still chaotic, build up poordream’s futuristic world. this album is offered as a co-release between 33 recordings and spectraliquid.


1 immaterial monarch
2 immaterial monarch (grandma version)
3 immaterial monarch (broken tempo remix)
4 immaterial monarch (nadsat remix)
5 immaterial monarch (monotomus remix)
6 immaterial monarch (mr. f. remix)
7 immaterial monarch (mahos paterakis riot mix)
8 immaterial monarch (dama remix)
9 immaterial monarch (tape86 remix)
10 sounds of consciousness