objects in mirror are closer, then they appear. dc057

cowards bend the knee
objects in mirror are closer, then they appear. cd

divine comedy records. dc057

featuring bruno from nowhere (collectif position) and kkk (kulfi, ufo gestapo) ; recorded and assembled between 2002 and 2007, this album is a mixture of psychotic modern tales heavily influenced by the melvins, earth, syd barrett, joy division and whatever you might find out. nine sonic objects out of the mirror are lurking for you. maybe the mirror is yours, so, will you bend your knee or will you look into it? this is a real desperate psychedelic experience, so here's some welcoming instructions: play it loud, play it alone, have mercy for the fools!


1 desparate engineer alpha
2 brain reverse
3 dislearn
4 desert snake
5 malian robots
6 short fall big damage
7 gigor's freedom
8 stainboy
9 desperate engineers omega
10 untitled
11 untitled