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the rorschach garden
a place for the lost. cd, mp3 album

bazooka joe. bubble14

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this album offers up the characteristic minimal electro pop trg is well known for. a remarkable featured sound is the predominant use of a korg's ds10 - a virtual music production studio for a nintendo ds which combines legendary eighties analogue synth tones with today's editing options - the result is 21st century electro. exemplary song writing skills and a mastery of electronic equipment culminates into 14 marvellous tracks that are both captivating and deep. once again the rorschach garden offer nostalgia and sweetness with a dark overlay - making this album a genuine 'place for the lost'. join them there!


1 single cycles
2 new wave is almost dead
3 staring at the screen
4 a russian winter
5 in the meantime
6 impatience
7 a place for the lost
8 in any case
9 homecoming
10 living under blocks
11 scares rebuilt
12 all my friends turned into plastic
13 positive (let the people talk)
14 antimatter girl