the voices of reason. act120

david thrussell
the voices of reason. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act120

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david thrussell aka snog, black lung and renowned for various other musical projects offers with this release his own personal thoughts on a spoken word album. despite other famous narrators like jello biafra and henry rollins just to name today’s most active spokespersons, the weirdest think tank from down under (or the world?) surprises with subliminal statements on vegans, media, information, tells stories about bizarre journeys, reveals his personal social observations regarding politics, capitalism et al and juxtaposes philosophical aspects of daily routine. “the voices of reason” is not a spoken world album in the common sense - it offers both smooth and happy tunes as well as abstract, experimental soundscapes and beats mingled with the dominating smart voice of thrussell. “the voices of reason” - an eclectic radio play for the eclectic listener or a soundtrack for the insane? deluxe 6page digipack & 24page booklet. audio cd + cd-rom film 'the plastic wars part 1'


1 the brilliant seed
2 the explorers
3 humans as introduced species
4 it's a majick majick world
5 the scent
6 turn muzak on it's head
7 oil
8 the plastic wars part 1
9 the plastic wars part 2
10 a new beginning
11 the plastic wars part 1 (video)