crimefactory. umb008

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umb kollektif. umb008

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on 'crimefactory' dan courtman once more searched through the umb archives and found unreleased tapes of the pre-thorofon project kommando. after a careful selection process, courtman took the old material, rearranged it and thereby created a haunting piece of raw powerelectronics. a pounding, seldomly straight album. if you already liked 'necroinvasiv' (lw050,2005), you will definiteley love 'crimefactory'! cardboard packaging.


1 freak out
2 enflamed
3 crimefactory
4 bones under skin
5 interloud
6 xxxrated
7 bundytalk
8 unstoppable
9 wireride
10 kulthead
11 hospitalizm
12 sonic pressure
13 tremorstate
14 10 minutes deathrape