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ant-zen. act228

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for their second album exocet has transformed from two persons into one. Beyond realizing his own creativity, r. klimaczewski was also responsible for the translation of dave kean's ideas and inspirations into this project's music - the result was their first cd in 2008. unfortunately mr. kean passed away last year before any new tracks were implemented. now, in loving memory, klima is getting on with exocet as a solo project - a challenge he has masterly succeeded in. exocet's sound can be described best as the missing link between present day noise industrial and intelligent dance music. repetitive industrial roughness is backed by complex beats, pulsing bass and crystal clear ambient spheres. samples sometimes serve as part of the cadenced foundation, f.e. in 'like hot and bad dreams' samples are perfectly embedded to yield the uniqueness of this project. on the other hand, tribal rhythms and harsh electronics clash during the true floor burner 'sensitive size'. grotesque consumer's spirit is acherontic and menacing, taking the listener into a virtual arena where the enemy can be anywhere - there is no safety, keep wide awake, and no time to rest... move!


1 sleepless walking
2 tug of war
3 like hot and bad dreams
4 narcoholica
5 the line is profit
6 conflict of memories
7 fall in and get out
8 too late but enough
9 shocking fact
10 tankhunter are not patriots
11 sensitive size
12 there and back again