positive pop 3x10". act117.7

positive pop 3x10". mp3 album

ant-zen. act117.7

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limited edition. incl. positive pop cd + triple 10” vinyl with alternative outtakes by synapscape and remixes by converter, silk saw, imminent, savak, asche, hell-g, somatic responses & ntt


1 ammunition
2 thirsteater
3 face off
4 the power of love
5 smogue
6 bizarre disco junky
7 dubforce
8 orbleflex
9 charity
10 bielfield
11 reunion
12 skizzy biz
13 notorious
1 womb
2 dirtbugger
3 bizarre vinyl junky
4 berator
1 thirsteater (rmx by savak)
2 notorious (killa rmx by hell-g)
3 bielfield work (rmx by silk saw)
4 the power of love-don't call me timmi (rmx by converter)
1 skizzy (rmx by asche)
2 turn your back-face me rmx by navicon torture technologies)
3 (ammunition rmx by imminent)
4 bielfriend (the gush rmx by somatic responses)