calling the vultures. c12

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mirex. c12

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haunted hip hop and broken grooves are the building blocks of endusers 'calling the vultures'. snaking its way from laid back tripped up melodies to poetic brain vibrating vocals and jungle beats. think zombie 2pac and peter murphy squaring off against a back drop of amen my brother. plush and tricked out, this album is a heady intoxicating delightful listen. dj scud, psychofreud, knifehandchop, post-trauma otto von shirach, kevin martin's the bug project: each one has severed dancehall's dreadlocked head and grafted it onto the body of their own brand of virulent breakbeat, from electro-gabba freak-outs to jungle doused in eleven rancid herbs and spices. in every case the whole transcends the parts, and disembodied caribbean rants find new life as they forge through pelvis-shattering beats like mental patients sailing an endless sea of ice-9. and no one right now is doing it as well as enduser.' –pitchfork


1 another door opens
2 rights of passage
3 i'm wondering if she's dead
4 interruption 1
5 111.01 miles
6 your drawing
7 interruption 2
8 wednesday
9 assasin
10 how can you tell i'm not there
11 end of a beginning - sublight version
12 indicision
13 on a bus in brighton
14 another door shuts