ca ne nous rendra pas le congo. act116

ca ne nous rendra pas le congo. mp3 album

ant-zen. act116

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the firstborn has grown up. and axiome (aka olivier moreau of imminent and performance artist c-drik) developed dramatically. the intense rhythmic straightforward distorted percussion has been put aside and replaced by structured feedbacks, samples and tremendous loops. 'ca ne nous rendra pas le congo' is different - different by all means. here subliminal sounds dominate the scenery - the effort has been put here not on the violence of the tracks, but more on the adequation of the ensembles of sounds. on first sight this is still unstructured, unspoken chaos (the reminder of 'rictus') - here it is uncomfortable ambience overlaid with reduced machine rhythms and schizophrenic metamorphoses. 'ça ne nous rendra pas le congo' generates a hypnotising, trance like atmosphere adding resonant vibrations and looping samples at best to reach a certain state of intensity. axiome’s ability in creating sounds resides in their vicious use of noises to hit your nerves at the most unexpected moments and stimulate your vulnerable brain cells while influencing the palpitating tempo of your tender heart. although 'ça ne nous rendra pas le congo' favours a cold, intense and experimental atmosphere it still hits directly in the centre of mind, body and soul. expect the unexpected ...


1 woaw...
2 la frigolite m'irrite
3 cramique
4 un paquet à 50
5 eh-dis-heu...
6 cuistax
7 spotchi
8 du brin-c'est pas de l'or
9 in v'la co pou ein an
10 mystère au ministère
11 fille des bois-fille de joie
12 électromoustique
13 marchand de glace-marchand de rêve