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static hisses and expansive drones lay the foundation for retro-sci-fi bleeps and twirls on top of pulsating dynamics and rubbery beats. electro-tribal is that feeling of dreams where you are falling and where you can’t escape. episodes is the final chapter of the lastest vromb releases. please check www.ant-zen.com/episodes for a full information how to handle the sonic motions of vromb.


1 le theme
2 vision stroboscopique
3 synthonisation
4 reglage
5 capteur
6 le temps a vitesse variable
7 superposition
8 centre
9 emphase
10 l'objet synchronisateur
11 signaux
12 auxilliaire
13 ambiometrie
14 mouvement multiplicatif
15 amalgame
16 connexe
17 neurostatique
18 generique