sable. act107

celluloid mata
sable. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act107

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state-of-the-art rhythmic post-power electronics intelligent dance music. starting off with doom frequencies and a nearly dark ambient track the record climaxes in technoid, high-speed beats and rhythms without losing track on the chosen path - modernist soundscapes with a scent of 'intelligent', slow motion drum and bass ingredients - ending in a somehow warm and relaxing atmosphere. jewelcase packaging / transparent paper + 2 of 6 covercards (polaroid mata's)


1 init seq 1
2 init seq 2
3 seq
4 barbarous coast
5 foolish
6 at bunkers
7 zily lip-eze
8 pieta
9 shell
10 pop porn doll
11 del mar
12 code
13 we sync
14 carbon sailor
15 sable
16 modulation in sync