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raubbau. raub-001

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a year has passed since the highly acclaimed release of apocalips, in september 2006. and as we anticipate another full length release from ordo rosarius equilibrio, in the spring of 2008, it is with great pleasure and great surprise, that we welcome the unexpected release of 'four'. a brand new 10" picture disc from german label raubbau; presenting four new fantastic songs that gives us a very succulent appetizer of what the future tastes like. with tactile orchestral tapestries, acoustic guitars and drum machines perfectly combined with toms and timpani; and with rose-marie and tomas actually singing, we are offered a new and very seductive side of ordo rosarius equilibrio, something that was partially presented on apocalips, but finally comes in full bloom. this is fantastic, this is apocalyptic pop. like fine wine, just getting better with time.


1 singing for the angel of the east
2 which word confines the truth [dancing for love and war]
3 the future was today
4 i am the sun [anus dei]