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ant-zen. act076

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this project was founded in 1993 as a colaboration of the former cult-project ars moriendi by p. münch (synapscape) and a. schramm (asche). the aim of tg's is a very dense, ritual-ambient one. in 1995 a. börner (morgenstern) joined this project. they made several interesting live-performances all over germany. actually templegarden's is organized as a loose collective with several friends, so the sound-variety has become enormous, but always in the mystic ritual sector. old fairytales, nature, magic places and the unexplainable are their main inspirations. most of the sounds are a result of sampled ethno-loops, a convertion from natural analog datas to digital. so the technical aspect of this project becomes a symbol for the dialectical relationship between nature and (industrial) culture, which can be experienced in those special templegarden's atmosphere: the impression of ritual-emotional maturalness, which we're all seeking for, is satisfied by the result of a technical cultural act.


1 mangrovia - shipwreck
2 three gates opened - middangearde - trance
3 transition
4 galadriel's mirror
5 transmission
6 when time ends