4th dividers. act106

silk saw
4th dividers. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act106

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systematic division of the soudscape, namely: cuts of the ground, angledozers in bulk, walking on a heavy soil with hobnailed boots, to stone ears, doors and inner doors, holzwege, syncopated landscapes and landslides, ground bass, blind alleys, ban on sounding the retreat. a slow collection of percussive minimalism that fall somewhere into the grey area between orderly and infectious sporadic ambient.


1 angledozer
2 safe area
3 empty plug
4 no twists no turns
5 pave the way
6 secretive carillon
7 hinterland
8 ratchet mechanism
9 contre-porte
10 division
11 parapet walk
12 wrong door