v.a. - phoney m - fightnight on venus. fich75

v.a. - phoney m - fightnight on venus. cd-r

fich-art. fich75

years after the first tribute to one of the most influencial german pop giants from the seventies - presented by fich-art on tape - here comes the second one! unreleased cover versions by asche, synapscape, 100blumen feat. ++99, p.a.l, morgenstern, imminent, rasputeen, genevieve pasquier, keef baker, salt, Eva|3, tourette bros, the rorschach garden, punch inc., oszillotom, hell-g, tonal y nagual, frl. linientreu and more! mixed mode audio cd-r, 76:00 minutes audio + 3 mp3 tracks.


1 palimba de luna p.a.l
2 no more chain bang imminent
3 lover of the russian queen rasputeen
4 still i'm sad genevieve pasquier
5 brown girl keef baker
6 love for sale salt
7 hooray!!! tourette brothers
8 gotta go the rorschach garden feat tourette bros.
9 felicidad punch inc.
10 bahamama oszillotom
11 daddy dirthy synapscape
12 bahama jana insancity
13 sunny 100blumen feat. ++99
14 rivers of babylone eva|3 feat. riotmilloo
15 ma baker morgenstern
16 belfast monoculture
17 steppenwolf asche
18 nightfight hell g.
19 rivers of nowhere homologation korea nord
20 daddy cruel/ such a fool tonal y nagual
21 brown girls in the rain frl. linientreu