mondegreen. fon13

concrete cookie and the maggot farmer
mondegreen. cd

force of nature. fon13

mondegreen, 13th release on rhode island.s force of nature productions, is distinctly a more reflective direction for the duo, as a follow up to mash up soundsystem.s 'a great escape from lunacy', released on hive records in 2006. the artwork on this disc, once again beautifully merges inga dorosz.s photography of surreal landscapes, familiar made unfamiliar, with marco pinsker.s eye for the serious and the comedic. it.s also the perfect accompaniment to the content of mondegreen where, in the opening seconds the door locks behind the listener as one embarks on a slow descent into madness, entering yet another world. time slows down as one is enveloped by textures and swells of sound. 'a year in the life.' of sorts, field recordings layered with digital and analogue sounds that become progressively unhinged. each successive listen, opens up new meaning as new structures emerge. sit back, close your eyes and disassociate yourself from your immediate environment.


1 richard III
2 tropic of cancer
3 rats & ravens
4 book of margins
5 painlevé
6 august I
7 polonium symphony
8 the reckless sleeper