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ant-zen. act098

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a collection of electronic minimalism, pure-tone synthesis and computer-generated sound. this is experimental post-techno, an up-and-coming genre of sound, and it is intended for the listener who can appreciate its bold sense of exploration, as well as the surreal beauty of the world it evokes. a scientific bridge between sinetone minimalism and sonic mega-sampling which could be visualised as digital ambient. 89% of all samples are taken from various ant-zen releases. sampled, de- and reconstructed by panacea.


1 one.87.00:02:43.74
2 two.176.00:01:58.58
3 three.211.00:02:50.18
4 four.239.00:03:05.09
5 five.133.00:04:38.63
6 six.102.00:04:07.04
7 seven.39.00:06:49.22
8 eight.25.00:07:16.46
9 nine.398.00:02:36.43
10 ten.76.00:03:46.16
11 eleven.14.00:04:32.17
12 twelve.80.00:03:32.51
13 thirteen.90.00:03:40.21
14 ninetynine.40.00:02:56.31